What to do for Broken Brackets, Poking Wires, Shifting Wires, or a Wire That Has Slipped Out of the Back Molar

April 8, 2020

While our offices are closed due to COVID-19, some of you may be experiencing issues with your braces that can be fixed at home. In this video, Dr. Brian Randle of our Sugarhouse office will help you fix the problem temporarily until you can get in to see your doctor.

We are also doing video consults if there’s something you are concerned about, so don’t hesitate to call if you think your doctor needs to see what’s going on.  Call 801-999-4431 and we will arrange a video appointment for you.  If the doctor deems your issue to need immediate attention, he will schedule you for an in-office visit.

Thank you ALL for your patience during this time. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces again!