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Are you ready to smile and laugh without hiding your teeth? Transform your confidence with affordable braces in Salt Lake City. At Utah Orthodontic Care, we love seeing our patients’ faces as they look in the mirror after having their braces removed. There is nothing like seeing your brand new, stunning smile for the very first time! If you’re ready to experience this, we can’t wait to make it happen with orthodontic financing to make achieving a new smile more affordable than ever!Please join us for a Free Consultation where we will meet you and answer all of your questions regarding braces and your personal smile goals. At this consultation, you will meet our friendly orthodontists, general dentists, and dental assistants as we get to know you and discuss the different types of braces we offer. We will determine what treatment is needed to improve your smile, the estimated cost of your treatment, and help you select one of our no interest, no down-payment orthodontic financing plans with low monthly payments. You’ll also find out approximately how long your treatment will take and if you are ready, we can begin your treatment the day of your consultation.

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