Common Orthodontic Problems & Why Orthodontic Treatment is Necessary

Why Orthodontic Treatment is Needed

Utah Orthodontic Care is your best option for expert orthodontic treatment throughout the Salt Lake City region. Our expert staff is ready and waiting to fix your common dental problems with braces, Invisalign, or one of our many other treatment options to give you the smile of your dreams. Our mission is to provide you with the best orthodontic care at affordable, reasonable prices. With multiple locations located throughout the Salt Lake area, we make aligners and braces easy and convenient for our patients.

Why Do People Seek Orthodontic Treatment?

Ideally, teeth come together in a specific way that optimizes bite function, oral health, and aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, however, teeth very rarely develop perfectly. There are a number of common problems that can occur in the development of a person’s bite, and thankfully, they’re all easily treatable with affordable braces, Invisalign clear aligners, or other orthodontic treatments. 

While a bad bite (also called a malocclusion) is often genetic, alignment problems can also come from thumb or finger-sucking, dental disease or tooth decay, tongue thrusting, improper development of baby teeth, accidents or trauma, or even poor nutrition.

Here are some of the most common problems that are treated  in patients throughout Salt Lake City by Utah Orthodontic Care:


When the upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth caused by the lower jaw extending out past the upper. This can make it difficult to bite and chew.


The upper teeth extend too far over the lower teeth, sometimes causing the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth. Also called deep bite, this can increase the risk of trauma to the front teeth, cause jaw pain and other difficulties.


The upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This can cause the teeth to fracture or wear and the jaw to grow unevenly.


This is characterized by the upper and lower front teeth that don’t touch at all. It can cause speech problems and make it difficult to chew.


Crowding is one of the most common reason for your child to see an orthodontist. This occurs when the teeth have insufficient space to erupt from the gums, which can impact their alignment, causing them to look slanted, uneven and twisted. Crowding can also negatively affect the ability to keep teeth clean and plaque from building up between the teeth.

Misaligned Dental Midlines

Caused when the back bite does not sit correctly, which can impair jaw growth and dental function.

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