Why is Oral Hygiene Important? Here is how to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

Now that you are receiving affordable orthodontic treatment from one of our Utah Orthodontic Care locations, it’s very important to get into good oral hygiene habits. Your Salt Lake City braces are working hard to straighten your teeth, but much of the overall health of your mouth is still dependent on what you do. Gum disease, plaque build up and tooth decay are still possible, and in some cases more likely, with braces or aligner treatments. Our team wants you to have all the tools and information you need to keep your mouth healthy. Here are some ways that you can maintain good oral hygiene between your checkups.

Eat the Right Foods

Certain foods can easily get trapped in the wires of your affordable braces, which is why you need to be careful about what you decide to eat. Eat softer foods that won’t get caught in the wires of your braces. Avoid foods that are sugary and sticky, since these tend to cling to the wires. If you do eat something that gets stuck in your braces, be sure to clean it out as soon as you can. Visit our exciting Pinterest board for many braces-friendly recipe ideas! If you opted for our Invisalign  clear aligner treatment, you will be able to remove your clear plastic aligners when you eat. However, be sure to clean your aligners and your teeth after each meal.

Take Care of Your Braces And Aligners

To keep your braces clean, it is important that you thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice a day. You should also floss carefully and rinse your mouth after brushing. This will help to keep your teeth and the wires of your braces clean. Sometimes, food will still get caught in your braces in hard-to-reach areas. Using a proxabrush, designed specifically for brushing under wires and in tight spaces, will help. If you’re wearing aligners, use a antibacterial soft soap to wash your plastic aligners and keep them in their protective case when you are not wearing them. Visit our Pinterest board for tips on caring for your braces, as well as our board for taking care of your dental health in general!

Keep Your Retainer and Aligners Clean

If you are using a retainer or Invisalign clear aligners for treatment, you will still need to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth twice a day. In addition to cleaning your teeth, take out your retainer or aligners and gently brush it thoroughly so as not to scratch your plastic aligners. Regularly soaking and sanitizing your retainer and aligners with cleaning tablets for dentures can also help both to remain clean and avoid developing an uncomfortable taste.

We’ll Help You Care For Your Teeth

Whether you are using traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign, brushing, flossing, and rinsing two times a day is vital for good oral health. For more information on good oral hygiene and affordable braces and aligner treatment options in Utah, contact Utah Orthodontic Care at (801) 999-4431 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your free consultation. We’ll be on your oral hygiene team for the duration of your treatment with us!