Affordable Financing

Step 1

Call us or use our convenient online form to schedule your free consultation. At the consultation we will be able to tell you exactly how much your braces will cost and estimate your treatment time.

Step 2

Determine your Low Monthly Payment. Most dental insurance plans cover orthodontic financing. We accept almost all insurance including Medicaid. At your free consultation, we will take your portion of the total treatment fee and divide it by your estimated time in treatment which enables us to provide you with a low, interest-free, monthly orthodontic payment plan.

Step 3

Make your first monthly payment and receive your braces. After you have made your first payment, we will put your braces on. This first appointment will last approximately two hours.

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Affordable Financing
Affordable Financing

Braces can create a beautiful, confident smile, but they do more than that. Many people consider braces to straighten their teeth and improve their appearance, but there are also many health benefits that go along with the realignment.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

When an individual has crowded teeth or a misaligned bite, the condition might lead to cavities, nutritional issues, pain, or speech problems. There are affordable treatment options.

Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Utah Orthodontic Care offers free consultations. Your teeth, gums, and bite are examined and evaluated during the first visit. Many patients are surprised to learn about the variety of orthodontic appliances and treatments that are available today. At the appointment, the staff will address any concerns you have about follow-up appointments, overall cost, insurance, and financing braces.

Financing Braces

Families may not know that some practices finance treatments. At Utah Orthodontic Care, it begins with no-qualifying loans. We offer an in-house plan that is interest-free. You do not have to put any money down either. Instead, we will work with you to establish a low monthly payment; never over $125 per month.


We accept most dental insurance plans, including Medicaid. Our billing office will handle all of the paperwork and file the claims on your behalf. If the treatment requires prior authorization, our staff will submit the documents to ensure you receive the maximum benefits.


If you prefer to pay for your braces upfront, we offer a cash discount via a Braces Coupon. Our office accepts all major credit cards too.

Schedule a Free Orthodontic Consultation

If you have been searching for “no down payment braces near me,” Utah Orthodontic Care is the solution. Whether you are interested in monthly payments for braces with no down, an office that will bill your insurance or a cash discount, our team will work with you.

To schedule your free orthodontic consultation, contact us today at 801-999-4431. You can also reach us through our online form or contact page. Our goals are to provide the Salt Lake City region with accessible, convenient, and affordable orthodontic care. We look forward to hearing from you!

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