Orthodontic Retainers in Utah

Wearing retainers after traditional braces or aligners cannot be stressed enough. If saving money is your priority, read more to find out why it’s important.

Keep Your Smile Perfect

Your journey to a great smile is something that we, at Utah Orthodontics, take pride in. It begins with a free consultation where we find a treatment plan that suits your needs. From there, routine visits with our doctors and trained staff ensure you’re making timely progress. Once you’ve reached the final milestone with traditional metal braces or Invisalign, we want to keep the momentum going. This is where retainers for teeth enter the picture.

Entering the Second Phase of Your New Smile

Anyone who has worn braces or aligners for several months, or longer, often cannot wait to reveal their new and improved look. The desire to show off a healthy and straight grin to the world is only natural. However, there’s a second phase of this journey called retention. Just like following guidelines to straighter teeth requires dedication and time, so does wearing orthodontic retainers.

The reason why this is so important is that your results are temporary. While your teeth were able to shift properly, it takes longer for your jawline to catch up. This stage takes a little longer for your new teeth to become permanent. Otherwise, not wearing a retainer as instructed will cause your teeth to shift. You can maintain your new smile by wearing your retainer as instructed by your doctor.

Learning More About Retainer Appliances

Orthodontic retainers are made of metal or clear material and are designed to keep newly straightened teeth in place. A Utah Orthodontic Care expert will work with you to find the best choice since you’ll have to wear these for a while. They’ll also teach you how to insert and care for your retainers while your smile sets into place.

Every day, you’ll be required to wear the retainer after braces or aligners have been removed. The only time you won’t wear these is during brushing, flossing, and while eating meals. It can also be removed if you wear a mouthguard while playing sports. During your progression, your orthodontic team will let you know when you’re ready to scale back on wearing these. For some treatment plans, we require permanent retainers that can act a bit like braces. Usually these aren’t design to be worn forever, but rather for a longer period of time.

It’s also important that you care for your retainers and clean regularly because they’re expensive to replace. The orthodontic team will give you a protective case to keep your retainers safe from breakage or loss when not in use. Doing this extra step early in the second phase of your journey pays off in the long run. Not only does it result in good hygiene and maintaining your smile, but it saves money. Should you accidentally damage or lose your retainers, call us immediately. Waiting can delay your progress and possibly cause you to start over again.

Calling Utah Orthodontic Care About Your Retainers

Reach out to us with your questions, concerns, or if you need to replace your retainer. When you’re ready for your initial free consultation, we will go over the best treatment option and what you can expect. We can work with your insurance or other means to create an affordable plan for your budget. Utah Orthodontic Care has offices located north and south of Salt Lake City at 1-801-999-4431. You can also complete the contact form on our site. We’re looking forward to helping you start your new smile journey!