Types of Braces for Teeth in Utah

Getting braces has many benefits. In fact, braces can easily correct a speech impairment for individuals who have disproportionate teeth. In addition to this, braces can help prevent bone erosion. Having braces can also essentially improve your overall health since aligned teeth are much easier to clean.

Here at Utah Orthodontic Care, we offer different types of braces to help you achieve the perfect smile and give your oral health a boost. Read on to learn the three types of braces we offer for teeth.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are one of the most common types of braces available. These braces are small, comfortable, made from high-grade stainless steel, and consist of three parts.

With metal braces, the metal brackets are glued to your teeth using special glue. Next, the archwire is attached to each bracket and is used to move the teeth through tightening. The last step consists of ligatures, which are tiny rubber bands designed to hold the archwire to the brackets.

Clear Braces

Another common option when it comes to braces is clear braces. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for an option that’s less noticeable.

Clear braces are just as effective as metal braces. They are made of a ceramic-tooth-colored material that will match the shade of your natural teeth.

Like metal braces, clear braces work with brackets and are tightened by an archwire. It is then secured with clear rubber bands or ligatures.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

One last option we offer is Invisalign Clear Aligners. This is an effective option if you would like to straighten your teeth without any metals or wires.

With Invisalign Clear Aligners, you will instead have a series of smooth, removable trays. These trays use gradual force to slowly move your teeth into the desired location.

If you plan to wear aligners, we recommend that you wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. In fact, it’s best to limit taking your aligners out only for eating meals.

Invisalign Clear Aligners are hardly noticeable, which makes this option perfect for those seeking subtle treatment with effective results.

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