The Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

April 30, 2021

At Utah Orthodontic Care, we breakup our orthodontic treatment plans into three stages. We have found that this not only makes the most sense when explaining orthodontic care to patients, but it also flows logically from your first appointment to your last. If you are interested in braces in Salt Lake City, your orthodontic treatment plan will align with the following three stages.

Stage 1 – The Planning Stage of Braces

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Prior to the braces stage of treatment, our Orem orthodontists need to plan your individualized orthodontic care. This stage is essential to long-lasting orthodontic results. While adjustments can be made while in the braces stage of treatment, it’s important to start with a precise orthodontic plan before braces are put on your teeth. Your Orem orthodontist will provide the following:

  • Dental & Medical History Evaluation: At your first appointment, we will go through your dental and medical history to confirm there are no underlying issues that may affect your orthodontic care.
  • Casting & Bite Impressions: To fully understand how your teeth and bite are aligned, we will take castings of your mouth. This will allow us to scrutinize every tooth position.
  • X-Rays: Panoramic X-rays allow your Orem orthodontist to not only see the position of each tooth, but also the roots of the teeth and their position in the jaw.
  • Computed Generated Images: Our orthodontists and staff will generate images to show how your teeth and mouth will look after treatment. These images will also guide your treatment to ensure we stay on track.
  • Before Photographs: To show how far your teeth and mouth have come by the end of treatment, we always take before photographs at the start of your orthodontic treatment.

All of these small, intermediate steps in Stage 1 will allow Utah Orthodontic Care to plan the perfect orthodontic treatment for your needs and smile goals.

Stage 2 – The Active Stage of Treatment

Following the planning stage, you will have the braces stage of treatment, also known as the active stage of treatment. Your orthodontist will walk you through your options in terms of Invisalign or braces in Salt Lake City. We offer metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign clear aligners during the active stage of treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, we may recommend one orthodontic option over another. However, it is your orthodontic treatment, so if you would like a more inconspicuous look rather than metal braces, we can discuss all of the advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it is your smile and our Orem orthodontist wants to use the most appropriate treatment for you, meeting your orthodontic needs and lifestyle.

Stage 3 – The Retention Stage of Treatment

Whether you choose Salt Lake City braces or Invisalign, you will have a retention stage. Once your braces stage of treatment has been completed and your teeth are in their new position, you will want to keep them in place. That’s where a retainer comes in. After the active stage of treatment, your mouth and jaw structures are still malleable, meaning your teeth can still shift out of place. To avoid this, you will need to wear a retainer for a specific period of time to keep your teeth in place as these structures solidify. This will ensure your straight, beautiful smile lasts a lifetime!

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