The Advantages of a High-Tech Dentist

June 29, 2021

At Utah Orthodontic Care, our doctors and staff utilize the most advanced dental and orthodontic technology to provide high quality, individualized care to our patients throughout Salt Lake City. The benefits of digital technology span from easy, intuitive scheduling to advanced X-ray technology for better orthodontic treatments and everything in between. We pride ourselves on harnessing the best technology to offer faster, easier, and better orthodontic care in Utah.

Efficient Scheduling & Appointments

Before you even step into our Orem orthodontist office, we will utilize efficient computer software to schedule your appointment, link your electronic medical records of past appointments and procedures, and have all of your contact and information details at our fingertips. This technology allows our orthodontic staff to check up on patients before and after their appointments and answer any questions they have without even coming to the office. Additionally, our efficient scheduling and medical records allow our orthodontists to do exactly what they’re supposed to do – provide orthodontic care. Appointments are more efficient when the doctor does not have to go through your medical history or inquire about your past appointments – it’s all there in our system!

Better & Earlier Diagnoses

With advanced technology, we can offer cheap orthodontics in Salt Lake City. Dental technology like 3D X-ray imaging allows our Orem orthodontists to see exactly how your teeth are positioned. This allows our team to create a better, more efficient orthodontic treatment plan. It also allows us to diagnose orthodontic issues earlier, especially in children with developing jaws and teeth.

Long-Term Results

The benefits of digital technology continue after you have your metal braces or Invisalign removed. Because Utah Orthodontic Care uses high-tech digital solutions throughout your treatment plan, you can expect your smile to stay straight and functional for a lifetime. Our advanced technology allows us to provide longer-lasting results because the treatment plan has been so precise from the beginning. With our doctors and the use of braces or Invisalign, you can expect long-term results every time.

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