How To Get The Most Out Of Your Orthodontic Treatment

August 8, 2018

Getting braces can mean dramatically improving your health, comfort, and confidence when it comes to your teeth. Orthodontic treatment may be a unique experience for every patient, but there are certain steps everyone can take to make sure you get the most out of your orthodontia. Here at Utah Orthodontic Care, our team is happy to provide treatment and tips for an effective orthodontic experience to the greater SLC area.

Maintain A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Standard oral hygiene practices still apply when you have braces, but you may need to take a little bit more effort once orthodontic treatment begins. Add braces-specific tactics and tools to your normal routine, like floss threaders to get floss behind your wires and in between your teeth more easily. Brushing (even your tongue!) and mouthwash will help, but consider getting plaque disclosing tablets from your orthodontist or a different provider to make sure you clean hard-to-reach spots around your braces.

Protect Your Braces During Everyday Activity

A few adjustments may need to be made to your everyday life to protect your braces, but an effective and speedy orthodontic treatment is well worth some temporary inconvenience. When you eat, avoid sticky or chewy substances and chop up hard foods like raw vegetables before you eat them. Here at Utah Orthodontic Care, we even offer you a list of foods to avoid while you have your braces on. We also recommend that you or your child wears a mouthguard during any athletic activity where you may be hit in the face. This can help prevent your braces from being damaged by contact or getting stuck to other parts of your mouth.

Keep Your Orthodontist Up-To-Date

Keeping a regular appointment schedule is critical to your treatment process. Every time you miss or delay an orthodontic appointment, you run the risk of throwing off the treatment plan your orthodontist laid out. Utah Orthodontic Care has solutions for your common orthodontic problems and more. Reach out promptly if any issues with your braces or teeth come up. We are always happy to help address your concerns and come up with solutions together.

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