Electric Toothbrush Vs. Regular Toothbrush

June 7, 2019

At Utah Orthodontic Care, our mission is to help patients throughout the greater Salt Lake City, UT area achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Our network of affordable orthodontic providers makes it easy to find high-quality braces treatment near you, and all of our orthodontic providers take an individualized approach to care. But in addition to offering orthodontic treatment, we strive to be a comprehensive resource for dental health. You probably know that brushing your teeth is vital to oral health, but many people wonder if it’s better to brush with an electric or a standard toothbrush – and we’re here to answer that question, once and for all.

Should I Brush with a Normal or Electric Toothbrush?

There’s a lot of variation in the world of toothbrushes. You can find everything from a standard plastic brush that costs no more than a dollar to a state-of-the-art engineering marvel of a brush with a price tag in the hundreds – but is there a real difference when it comes to your teeth?

As it turns out, the answer is that either option is fine. With a diligent routine and proper brushing technique, it’s possible to keep your teeth clean and healthy using either a standard toothbrush or an electric brush. The most important thing is the way you brush and how consistent you are in brushing twice per day (or four times per day during orthodontic treatment).

That said, there are some cases where an electric brush may be better. Children and people with arthritis may have difficulty with the fine motor movements required for effective brushing, so an electric brush may make the process more convenient. Additionally, electric brushes may remove more plaque given the same amount of time, so those in a hurry may find them more convenient. On the whole, though, both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective for keeping teeth clean: the choice is up to you.

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We hope this offers some guidance in structuring your oral hygiene regimen, but remember, orthodontic alignment is just as important as dental health. At Utah Orthodontic Care, our mission is to make orthodontic treatment easy by offering affordable braces and Invisalign at a variety of locations throughout Salt Lake City. Want to see how we can help you achieve your dream smile? Don’t wait – reach out to us at our contact page today!