Do Braces Change Your Voice?

September 15, 2022

Braces may cause minor discomfort and changes in speech, but many ponder the question “do braces change your voice?” The possibility of braces affecting your speech or singing voice may be a concern, but in most cases people adjust quickly and continue with very few problems. 

Although your singing voice may initially be affected by braces, braces won’t have a big impact on your voice overall because the shape and space of your mouth cavity influence how your vocal cords vibrate, resulting in the unique tone of your voice. 

So, the short answer to the question, “Do braces change your singing voice?” is “no.” A longer answer is that while braces can affect the way one’s teeth fit together, making it difficult to pronounce certain sounds, they do not change the pitch or tone of one’s voice. 

The shape of your mouth can change slightly with braces, but unless you’re getting major dental work done, these changes will likely be small and won’t have a major effect on the way you sound to others. 

The warmth of your smile is more likely to change due to long-term braces than your singing voice. Since you won’t have to worry about losing your beautiful singing voice if you wear braces, why not come see us for a free consultation?

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