Can Correcting Your Bite Help Your Overall Health?

August 8, 2018

When we think of orthodontic care, we are probably thinking of braces and issues related solely to our teeth. What patients often don’t realize is that their bite may be impacting other parts of their health. From underbites to overbites and not enough teeth to extra teeth, bad bites (or malocclusions) can include a number of issues. Thankfully, Utah Orthodontic Care is here to help regardless of your bite concerns. Our team serves the greater SLC area from our 9 office locations and is ready to find the treatment that best meets your needs.

Bite Matters, At Any Age

Whether you’re getting orthodontic treatment at an early age or as an adult, correcting your bite can have long term implications for your overall health. Addressing issues with a person’s bite via early treatment can make orthodontic treatment easier and shorter in the long run by curbing issues before a mouth is fully developed. Bite correction can make you less likely to grind down teeth and more confident in your smile. If you or your child is constantly self-conscious about the way your bite makes your teeth look and are less likely to smile, this can have a negative impact on how other people perceive you in social and professional settings. Bite problems can especially create problems in your oral hygiene practices, making you more likely to develop cavities and gum disease.

Other Benefits

Many patients who are in need of bite-correction experience pain or discomfort in multiple areas, both physically and socially. Bite issues can cause headaches, speech problems, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and even premature aging. Correcting your bite can alleviate or entirely eliminate many of these concerns. With an adjusted bite, you’ll be less likely to experience difficulty consuming food or jaw pain induced by teeth clenching. Pain doesn’t need to be a normal part of your life. Get your bite treated by a professional as soon as possible.

Check-In With Utah Orthodontics!

If you are concerned you may be dealing with any of the complications mentioned above, it is best to address your bite as soon as possible to prevent these issues from escalating. Here at Utah Orthodontic Care, we offer free consultations and affordable payment plans to make sure you and your loved ones get the treatment you need at a price you can manage. Our offices are accessible to the greater SLC area and we can be reached over the phone at 801-999-4431. We look forward to meeting you and your family!