5 Consequences of Bad Dental Hygiene

March 14, 2019

When you think of poor dental hygiene, you almost certainly think of consequences such as bad breath, cavities, and maybe even gum disease. However, the effects of bad dental hygiene can reach far beyond these common repercussions. In fact, your oral hygiene can play a pretty big role in your body’s overall health. Continue reading below to discover five consequences of bad dental hygiene.

Heart Disease

You may be surprised to learn that your oral health can actually have an effect on your cardiovascular health. For those who practice poor dental hygiene habits, it’s not uncommon for periodontitis ― gum disease ― to take hold of the gums. Unfortunately, the same bacteria that cause gum disease, should it enter the bloodstream, can also cause plaque to build up within the arteries, causing them to harden. This can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, and blockages which increase your risk of heart attack.

Pregnancy Complications

Though most expecting mothers are aware they should do their utmost to maintain good health while pregnant, they may not always remember that this should also include good oral hygiene as well. During pregnancy, changes in hormone levels can make a woman more susceptible to oral infections. Unfortunately, an infection while pregnant runs the risk of causing pregnancy complications, or even harm to the unborn child. Studies have also shown that gum disease has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight in babies.

Kidney Disease

Some studies have shown a link between periodontal disease and kidney disease. Kidney disease is a serious condition that has been shown to affect not only the kidneys but the heart and blood pressure, as well. Those with periodontal disease also tend to have lower immune systems, making them even more prone to infection. Kidney disease can even be fatal if it progresses to kidney failure.


While diabetics tend to be more prone to infections, such as the sort of infection in the gums that leads to periodontal disease, having a periodontal disease can actually make your diabetes more difficult to control. Gum disease has also been linked to having elevated blood sugar levels, so it’s exceedingly important for those at risk for developing diabetes to practice good oral hygiene.


Undoubtedly most everyone knows that using tobacco products and drinking alcohol can lead to cancers such as the throat or oral cancer, however, it may not be as commonly known that gum disease has been linked to cancers such as pancreatic, kidney, and blood cancers.

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