What Do I Do If A Bracket Comes Loose?

November 26, 2020

No matter what orthodontic problem you’re hoping to fix or what age you’re getting braces, we always hope that your orthodontic treatment goes off without a hitch. And thankfully, our highly-skilled orthodontic providers are able to provide beautiful, healthy new smiles to countless patients in the Salt Lake City area with no unexpected events. But accidents are always a possibility, and sometimes, a bite into some crunchy food or some other incident can cause a bracket to come loose or come off entirely – and if that happens to you, Utah Orthodontic Care is here to help.

How to Fix a Broken Bracket on Your Braces

We know that having a bracket come loose or break off can be unsettling, but first things first: stay calm! A broken bracket is a common problem, and it’s nothing we can’t fix.

The first step is to assess the problem: is the bracket simply loose, or did it come off entirely? If it did break off, is it still attached to the archwire? Or has the bracket completely detached from your braces? If your bracket does detach entirely, make sure to grab it and save it, as you’ll need it when you come into our office. However, if the bracket is still on the archwire or merely loose, leave it where it is and cover it with a piece of dental wax to immobilize it and make sure it doesn’t hurt your mouth.

The next step? Contact us. We’ll schedule an appointment with you for emergency orthodontic care, and whether we’re simply touching up the dental cement around your bracket or reattaching it entirely, our expert orthodontic providers can ensure that we fix your braces without derailing your treatment plan. Usually, reattaching or fixing a bracket is a simple procedure that won’t take more than one appointment, but if you do experience more complicated problems, we’ll make sure to get you the care you need to get back on track for your new smile – and, as always, to make it affordable.

Schedule a Consultation for Cheap Orthodontic Care

We hope this blog helps you feel comfortable in the knowledge of how to fix a broken bracket, and if you have more questions, feel free to call us at our closest orthodontic office. And to help prevent damaging your braces, don’t forget to check out our helpful page on foods to avoid with braces. Finally, if you’re ready to start towards a new smile of your own, simply request a consultation using our easy online form. We can’t wait to hear from you!