Understanding Gum Pain

September 25, 2021

At Utah Orthodontic Care, we want our patients to understand their teeth and gums, know when there is an issue, and seek help when necessary, especially if you are experiencing any type of gum pain. Gum pain can be caused by a number of different factors, some minor and some more severe. Never hesitate to contact us for braces, gum issues, or general orthodontics in Salt Lake City, our team is here to help you!

What Causes Gum Pain?

It’s important to understand gum pain and know when to seek help. The following conditions can cause gum pain:

Gum Disease: The initial signs of gum disease include gum pain, bleeding, swelling, and redness. Gum disease can occur when proper oral hygiene is not practiced, meaning you do not brush and floss your teeth enough. If you have experienced these symptoms, it’s important to speak with your family dentist or orthodontist immediately.

Canker Sores: Canker sores are quite normal and can happen to anyone. These small, red sores can occur anywhere in your mouth, including your cheeks, tongue, and gums. Typically, canker sores go away within a week or two. Patients with braces may experience canker sores or other minor irritations from their braces and wires. Speak to our staff if the irritation continues.

Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco can irritate your mouth and teeth, particularly your gums. In fact, tobacco is a leading cause of gum disease and oral cancer. It is best to avoid all tobacco for your dental health.

Hormonal Changes: Some normal hormonal changes can cause bleeding in your gums, swelling, and redness. This may occur during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. If you are concerned about your gums and want to understand your gum pain, please contact our orthodontic professionals in Salt Lake City.

Tooth Infection: A tooth infection at the root of the tooth may result in severe gum pain and bleeding. If you experience either of these symptoms, please see a dental health professional immediately for care.

Oral Cancer: Oral cancer may first appear as a sore in your mouth or gum irritation. For this reason, it’s imperative to continually see your family dentist and orthodontist for all scheduled appointments. They will be the first to notice if something is abnormal and provide the appropriate steps moving forward.

Contact Utah Orthodontic Care to Understand Your Gum Pain

If you have been consistently experiencing gum pain or bleeding gums, contact Utah Orthodontic Care to schedule an appointment with your orthodontic specialist. Even if you believe it is only irritation from your braces, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Our team will be happy to check your mouth and evaluate any symptoms you have been experiencing. And, with our monthly orthodontic payments, we will always ensure the most affordable orthodontic experience throughout the state of Utah!