Orthodontic Travel Kits Make Traveling With Braces Easy

July 15, 2022

A top priority at Utah Orthodontic Care is helping our patients have the most successful treatment possible. Beyond the high quality care our team provides, we feel it’s important for patients to have all the materials they need to feel empowered in their part of that success.

To guarantee an ideal outcome, patients should be diligent in their oral health routines. It’s not realistic that every time you eat, or have an issue, you’ll be in the comfort of your home. To avoid any setback we suggest you put together an orthodontic travel kit, so you’ll never have to leave home without the necessities.

What’s An Orthodontic Travel Kit?

An orthodontic travel kit is exactly what it sounds like – a kit full of items that you use to take care of your braces while on the go. If you have an easy-to-grab kit, you will be prepared for any situation — whether you’re traveling on vacation, going to a family dinner or heading to a sleepover.

What’s Inside My Orthodontic Travel Kit?

Your Utah Orthodontic Care provider provides you with most of the items that should be in your braces travel kit on the day your treatment begins. If you run low on supplies, please ask at your next appointment.

  • Toothbrush – No brainer! You should brush your teeth after every meal when you are wearing braces, and definitely at bedtime.
  • Toothpaste – See above!
  • Floss – Nothing can ruin a good time quite like a piece of food trapped uncomfortably in your braces. Pack your preference of floss, floss stick or threaders so you’re always ready!
  • Mirror – While your phone camera can work in a pinch, having a small mirror in your kit will make it easier to check your teeth.
  • Dental Wax – The versatility of dental wax makes it a contender for one of the top items for a kit. Learning how to use orthodontic wax can help ease any pain or avoid a sore inside your mouth. If you run into an issue like a loose wire or bracket, use the wax to keep it secured until you’re able to visit us for a fix.
  • Rubber Bands – If rubber bands are a part of your braces treatment, throw some of those in the kit, too!
  • Tweezers – Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but in the case of an emergency where a wire has become dislodged in an inconvenient or painful manner, you or someone else may be able to gently use tweezers to manipulate a wire into a more comfortable spot until you’re able to come see us.

Learn more at your Salt Lake City UT Orthodontic Care

Keeping up with proper oral hygiene and following your exact treatment plan will guarantee you come out on the other side with the beautiful, straight smile you’ve been daydreaming about! A travel kit can help you keep that treatment plan going when you’re away from home. If you have questions or would like a consultation for your own orthodontic care, please request an appointment or contact us by calling or texting 801-999-4431.