Happy Holidays from UOC

December 20, 2021

With all the sweets and delicious treats around, the holidays and orthodontics have sometimes had a fraught relationship—but here at Utah Orthodontic Care, we believe that the holidays and your oral hygiene can live together in perfect harmony! Our friendly staff here at UOC love the wintery landscape, the sparkling lights, and presents under the tree as much as the next family, but for us it also means paying extra attention to your pearly whites. Find out how you can celebrate this holiday while also being good to your teeth here at Utah Orthodontic Care!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When it comes to a gift that will last you a lifetime, your teeth are one of the greatest presents you’ll ever receive! The best way to say thank you to your teeth is to treat them well by maintaining excellent oral hygiene or even by straightening them with braces or Invisalign. Getting orthodontic treatment at Utah Orthodontic Care isn’t just about making your teeth look nice—having straighter teeth improves your overall oral hygiene by eliminating gaps and pockets where food loves to collect. Straighter teeth means cleaner teeth this holiday season!

Foods To Avoid With Braces

When the holiday spread hits the table you may want to start piling your plate with everything available—but if you have braces there are some foods you should avoid. If you want to keep your braces clean and your breath smelling good, watch out for these foods this holiday season:

  • Sticky candies like caramel, toffee, and nougat
  • Hard pies and crusts
  • Tough bread or croutons
  • Pretzels, popcorn, and nuts

Stop By Utah Orthodontic Care This Holiday Season!

The holiday spirit is in the air this year at Utah Orthodontic Care and we want to personally wish you a splendid holiday season! What’s more is that this year we are offering affordable orthodontic care with our orthodontic payment plans—so you can make monthly payments towards your newly straightened teeth. Contact Utah Orthodontic Care today at one of our statewide locations to learn more about our orthodontic payment plans or to schedule a free consultation!