Halloween Candy With Braces

October 17, 2017

halloween candy bracesHalloween is almost here and navigating which candy is OK with braces can be tricky!

What matters the most is the texture of the candy:

  • Taffy, gummies, and caramels are no-no’s. These candies stick to your braces. Then, when the mouth is opened & closed, extra force is put on brackets & can cause them to break off.
  • Hard candies, such as jawbreakers & candies with toffee and nuts can also break the brackets off teeth.
  • Best choices are soft candies like chocolate, marshmallow treats, peppermint patties, pixie sticks, etc.
  • Do a candy exchange! Let your child with braces trade candy with siblings and friends who don’t have the same concerns.

And sorry parents, but eating a lot of candy all at once, especially during mealtime, is much better for dental health than stringing out candy over days or weeks. Sound counter-intuitive? Here’s why:

Sugars & carbohydrates make the mouth more acidic & cause decalcification of teeth.
Eating candy throughout the day prolongs the amount of time teeth are exposed to sugar.

trick or treatOnce kids are done eating their candy, they should spend a little extra time brushing & flossing to remove all of the candy caught in braces and around their teeth. Kids who don’t brush well around their brackets may end up with white spots on their teeth that will be much more apparent when their braces are removed.

If you DO break a bracket or wire, make an appointment right away to get it fixed. Waiting until your next scheduled appointment can lengthen treatment time.

Have fun and be safe out there!