Cold Weather and Oral Hygiene

March 20, 2021

Although spring seems like it could be right around the corner, we are still trudging through winter. Utah Orthodontic Care wants to remind you of the effects cold weather can have on your oral hygiene and what you can do about it. Our Salt Lake City orthodontics staff have some tips and tricks to keep your oral hygiene in top quality until the warm weather arrives.

1. Chapped & Dry Lips

The winter cold and wind often causes our lips to dry out or sometimes even be painfully chapped. To give your lips some extra moisture, use a chapstick, lip balm, or petroleum jelly to protect this sensitive skin from the harsh elements. Our orthodontists also recommend using a lip balm with SPF to further protect your lips from the sun.

2. Cold Sores

During the cold weather, your body is more prone to inflammation, especially on the skin that is exposed to the elements. If you are already prone to cold sores on your lips, you should invest in a good lip balm to keep your lips moisturized at all times. Additionally, practice good and constant hand washing to prevent any added bacteria around your cold sore.

3. Excessive Dry Mouth

In winter, you may feel like your mouth is always dry and it probably is. Whether you are inside or outside, the environment is more dry than other months during the year. Indoor heating and outdoor chills have less moisture in the air which causes us to have dryer mouths. Further, many patients suffer from the common cold during the winter months which can block our nasal passages and force us to breath through our mouths, adding to our dry mouth. Always remember to drink plenty of water, especially when your mouth feels dry.

4. Cavities

The winter months tend to be the time when we indulge in desserts the most. From Christmas and New Year’s to Valentine’s Day, there are several holidays filled with chocolate, cookies, cakes, and candy, making it the perfect opportunity for cavities to grow. Be extra mindful of your oral hygiene routine and limit the amount of sugar you are eating throughout the winter.

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