Mother’s Day Zoom Teeth Whitening Giveaway
May 7, 2019

Mother’s Day Zoom Teeth Whitening Giveaway

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Tooth discoloration is a common dental issue that can result from drinking dark colored, beverages like coffee, tea, and even wine. If you’re like most of us, we need a cup of morning coffee or tea to get through the day and that’s why many American’s choose to whiten their teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is a dental procedure that involves bleaching the teeth to lighten the discolored enamel and dentin of the tooth. Zoom teeth whitening utilizes advanced technology to accelerate the teeth whitening procedure and whitens teeth quicker than traditional teeth whitening methods. This mother’s day, Utah Orthodontic Care is proud to offer a zoom teeth whitening giveaway. See below for contest details!

Zoom Teeth Whitening Giveaway Contest Details

To enter the zoom teeth whitening giveaway this Mother’s Day, please follow the contest details/ instructions listed below:

  1. Submit a letter with a selfie of you and your mom by May 9th
  2. In your letter, tell us a heartfelt memory and explain why you feel your mom deserves to win a zoom teeth whitening treatment.
  3. Submit all letters and selfies to
  4. 1 Winner will be chosen for each UOC location
  5. All winners will be announced on Friday, May 10th, 2019

Visit Your closest UOC location for more information!

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The fun never stops here at Utah Orthodontic Care! We strive to provide the best orthodontic care in the Greater Utah area, and we think we have the best patients in the world! That’s why we want to celebrate all the Mothers out there and do something special this Mother’s Day. Give us a call at (801) 999-4431 or stop by your closest UOC location for more information.