Announcing our 2017 FREE Braces Viral Commercial Contest
April 1, 2017

Unfortunately, the Free Braces contest has ended.
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About the Contest

Are you an aspiring screenwriter, filmmaker, or actor? Spend hours clicking through viral YouTube videos? Or do you just have a GoPro you’ve been looking for an excuse to use? Well, Utah Orthodontic Care is launching a new contest – and this might just be your moment to shine!

We’re opening up a Viral Commercial Contest for UOC, and we’re calling all filmmakers, actors, comedians, artists, or anybody with a camera phone to participate. It’s a simple contest, it’s open to anyone, and you’ve got the chance to win some pretty big prizes. Sound like something you’re interested in? Read on for the details!

Overall, the contest is simple: make a commercial (and we use that term loosely) for Utah Orthodontic Care that you think could go viral. You have to include our logo and you have to mention “Utah Orthodontic Care” at least once in the commercial – but you can include both of those things however you see fit, and you’re free to be as creative as you like in every other respect. Once you’ve made your video, you’ll simply upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, enter the URL in our Contest Form, and spread it far and wide! The video with the most votes wins.

This contest really is free range – whether it’s the world’s greatest Mannequin Challenge video, the sweetest story we’ve ever heard, or something that has us clutching our sides laughing, it’s up to you!


Ok, we know what’s next on your mind: what’s at stake? Well, we’re giving away some pretty awesome prizes for this contest, and three lucky winners will walk away very happy:

First prize? Free braces!


The first prize winner will receive free braces for one person at any one of our Wasatch Front offices. If you’ve already had braces, you can give them to a family member or donate them to a non-profit organization.

Second prize? A brand new GoPro Hero Session action camera – so don’t worry, you can make a LOT more viral videos. And finally, third prize is a free teeth whitening treatment at any of our Wasatch Front offices.

Interested? Here’s the fine print.

Contest Rules

The rules are fairly simple, and most of them are formalities. Here’s everything you need to know to enter and compete in the contest:

  • Your video can’t be longer than 2 minutes, and it must show the UOC logo and mention “Utah Orthodontic Care” at least once.
  • The winner of the contest will be determined after three (3) rounds of voting. The top 25 videos at the end of the 1st round will advance to 2nd round. The top 10 will advance to the final round.
  • We’ll accept submission starting April 1, 2017.  Submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2017, and the first round of voting will end August 31, 2017 – so the sooner you submit, the more time you have to get votes.
  • The top 25 videos from the first round will enter round two starting September 1, 2017. Voting will continue on round 2 until September 30, 2017.
  • Before moving on to round 2, the top 25 entries must email a copy of their commercial to Utah Orthodontic Care or upload the file to our DropBox account. If you are in the top 25, you will be notified by email to send your video file.
  • The top 10 videos from round two will enter the final round. Voting will end on the final round October 31, 2017.
  • We’ll announce the winners by November 7, 2017, and we’ll notify them via email.
  • By entering this contest you give Utah Orthodontic Care permission to use your video submission in promotions, social media, television, or for any advertising purposes. You also give permission for Utah Orthodontic Care to edit submissions before such use.
  • Winner of free braces (or whomever uses the prize if it is given away) agrees to allow UOC to take before, during and after photos and videos to demonstrate the progress of treatment.  Claimant further authorizes UOC to use photos and videos for promotional purposes.
  • Winner of GoPro Hero Session agrees to come to our West Jordan office to claim their prize and agrees to be photographed for promotional purposes.
  • Winner of Teeth Whitening can claim prize at any one of our Wasatch Front offices and agrees to be photographed before and after treatment for promotional purposes.
  • Employees of Utah Orthodontic Care and their families are not eligible.
  • Utah Orthodontic Care reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason including but not limited to inappropriate content, length of video, missing required elements, or eligibility of contestant.

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer them – just give us a call at 801.999.4431 or reach out to us at our contact page.

Ready, Set, Film!

Ok – you know the rules, you know the stakes, and you know what to do. So get out there and get creative! We’re not just looking for the average dental commercial here – we want you to express your creativity and taste as a video maker. Feel free to push boundaries (within the realm of decency), lean on popular humor, or do something so creative no one else could have thought of it! Here are a few of our favorite viral videos, just to give some inspiration:

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a filmmaking genius with a $3,000 camera to win – these videos have millions of views and were probably made with phone cameras. Sometimes, a quick, funny movie made with an iPhone camera beats what comes out of Hollywood.

So no matter who you are, what you’ve got, or where you’re coming from, get out there and get filming!

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